A system to help you plan analyses.


The fhiverse is a set of R packages developed by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health to help solve problems that frequently occur when performing infectious disease surveillance.

If you want to install the dev versions (or access packages that haven’t been released on CRAN), run usethis::edit_r_profile() to edit your .Rprofile. Then write in:


Save the file and restart R. This will allow you to install fhiverse packages from the FHI registry.

Current fhiverse packages are:

Name Info
org A system to help you organize projects.
plnr A system to help you plan analyses.
attrib Calculating attributable mortalities and incident risk ratios.
spread Different infectious disease spread models.
fhidata Preformatted structural data for Norway.
fhimaps Preformatted maps of Norway that generally don’t need geolibraries.
fhiplot Helpful functions for creating outputs in the style used by FHI.